A Complete Guide To Pool Fencing Regulations

You’ve just installed a pool and can’t wait to start swimming, but did you know your pool fence needs to comply with particular regulations? Read on to learn more about the regulations you’ll need to meet when installing a pool fence.

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The Basics

While each state issues its own regulations regarding pool fencing, there are basic criteria you need to meet to ensure you and your family stay safe in and around the water.
It might sound obvious, but every pool owner needs to be aware that fencing around pools more than 300mm deep is required by the Australian building code. This code defines fencing as a permanent barrier restricting pool access to young children.
Pool fencing must reach a minimum height of 1200mm, and the top of the fence must sit 900mm away from climbable objects. Ensure that you have no trees, seats, barbecues, toys, tables or pot plants close enough to your pool fencing for curious kids to climb.
In the case of boundary fences, these can serve as pool fences, provided they’re at least 1800mm in height and any gaps meet regulation: less than 100mm vertically, and less than 90mm horizontally.
Any gaps in your pool fencing must be less than 100mm, to prevent children from getting through while you’re not looking.
The material your fence is made from is also critical. Fencing products must be durable in order to ensure stability and protection.
Your pool gate needs to meet particular regulations. Ensure it is self-closing and swings away from the pool, and mount any gate-latches poolside. This will ensure kids can’t unlock the gate from the outside or wander into the pool area due to a gate having been left open accidentally. 

Keeping You And Your Family Safe

The incidence of pool drownings has increased in recent years. There are simple, practical things you can do to ensure the safety of you and your family in and around the water.
It’s first important to be conscious of the security of your pool fence. You are responsible for ensuring your fence complies with the regulations relevant to your state. You must also be mindful that no pool fence is a substitute for adult supervision.
Supervise children in and around the water at all times, regardless of their abilities.
Being aware of resuscitation techniques can be incredibly helpful if an unfortunate incident occurs. Consider taking a CPR course and display a resuscitation chart near your pool area.

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