Fences Can Bring Your Wollongong Home to Life

Posted on October 7, 2020 at 5:28 pm by Murray


Finally, your new home is completed. Or it may be an old home that has been renovated or remodelled. It can even be a commercial property.

Everything is looking sharp and super cool, but wait, isn’t there something missing?

Screens, handrails, balustrades, and pool fences in Wollongong may not be the most important features, but they can add that last touch to your new building. So, we can tell you why and how installing different fences can bring your Wollongong project to life.



Usually, gates and fences are an afterthought in a building project. We understand that you are more interested in seeing walls go up, the roof put on, and the flooring laid. But what if the surrounding design of your property does not match the style of fencing you have chosen?

Helping you add those finishing touches to your project is what we do.


Imagine your sleek new property surrounded by an old chain-link fence or gates that do not match the design. Style is one thing; fences have practical uses too. That why we have them in our homes, but they can be practical and attractive at the same time.


Just imagine you have installed a pool and you have kids and pets. It is good to sit out by the pool, but safety needs to come first. So, surround the pool with clear glass screens. You watch the older kids play and make sure they are not in any danger.

By adding a self-locking gate, you can keep the toddlers or pets out the pool. It is beauty, style and practicality all rolled into one.


If you have fences, you need a gate. A good-looking gate adds something to a property. Again, it’s a practical addition, but one that can look appealing too. We have a large range of designs which are also tough and long-lasting. All the products we offer are designed and crafted by us to your custom specifications.

You know who to call

Those mentioned above are only some of the products we offer at MLR Engineering. If you are looking for new aluminium gates or fences in Wollongong, we are the specialists available to you.

Check out our gallery of past projects on our website or contact us to make an appointment.