How To Dog Proof Your Fence

We know you want your furry friend to roam freely in your garden, but it's important you secure your yard in the process to prevent them from running off or getting lost.
If you're not sure how to dog-proof your fence, you're in luck - we've put together this handy guide to help you ensure your boundaries are up to scratch.
Ensure Enough Height

It might surprise you to know that dogs can jump! Larger dogs are able to jump 6-foot fences without too much difficulty, and if they get tempted by a cat or bird on the other side of the fence you could find yourself looking for a missing dog.

Allowing at least 6 feet of height on your fences, and using a trellis as needed, will prevent your dog from jumping over your boundary.

Deter Your Pets

Prevent your dog from jumping over your fence by keeping them away from the area altogether. You can do this with planters, screens, secondary fencing or barriers. Your dog will still be free to play as they want, but won't be able to clear your fence.
Keeping them entertained with toys and games will also deter your furry friend from becoming bored and looking for adventure elsewhere.

Secure Your Gate

Gates are usually a lower height than fencing. Your gate might have some space underneath, and could even open with nothing more than a bit of force.

Securing your boundary doesn't just apply to your fencing - it also means making sure your gate is of adequate height, closes completely, and doesn't have enough room underneath for your dog to wriggle through.

Discourage Digging

Preventing jumping is one thing, but what about digging? Unbeknownst to you, your pet could easily dig under your fence and escape. You can discourage digging by adding a concrete footer to the base of your fence, which works particularly well if your dog is passionate about digging.

This will take time and energy, so it's only really recommended if digging is a serious concern, but it's guaranteed to keep your garden as secure as possible.

If you're not keen on concrete, you could opt for an L-footer, which consists of wiring placed at the base of your boundary fence and bent at right angles into your garden space. Some people cover the wire with mulch, soil or rocks to conceal it. This will prevent your dog from digging underneath the fence.

Invest In Landscaping

Beautify your garden and prevent doggy defection in the process. Landscaping is a great way of dog-proofing your fence and will help your outdoor space look fantastic, too.

Plant thick shrubbery approximately 60 centimetres from your fence. This won't just screen the fence from a curious canine, but will also discourage any running jumps.

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