Important Factors To Consider In Selecting Glass Pool Fencing

There are several reasons why you should consider glass pool fence installation. Not only do they act as a safety precaution, but they also add an element of privacy and allow you to save on your home insurance.

t’s important to strike the right balance between form and function when it comes to glass pool fences, as you want something that is both aesthetically pleasing and that can withstand Wollongong’s inclement weather.

To achieve this, here are five important factors to consider when selecting your glass pool fencing.


Remember that a glass pool fence should offer more than unobstructed views. Its primary function should be to ensure the safety of children, pets, and other house visitors.
An essential prerequisite to installation is to ensure that you source your glass panels from professional suppliers. At 
MLR Engineering, we ensure that all materials meet or exceed Australian Standards. This means that glass panels are manufactured using the latest technology and equipment and have undergone several examinations.

Glass Quality

t doesn’t matter if your glass has been toughened or custom designed. If the glass panels are not of premium quality, they’ll likely shatter or cause you problems down the line.
Ensure that you opt for an expert installation team who source their products from certified suppliers. Installation professionals have a better understanding of how to manage glass panels with ease and prevent breakages.
You can determine whether glass panels are of sufficient quality by looking to see if they have the Conformity Mark of Australian Standards. This means the panel has passed quality control procedures and have been tested by third-party safety organisations. 


Glass panel fencing comes in a variety of different styles and which one you choose will be dependent on your pool layout and personal preference.
The frameless design is perhaps the most popular in Australia as it allows for unobstructed views of your surroundings. Frameless glass pool fencing involves a series of panels that are seamlessly connected without any visible joints.
Alternatively, some homeowners have gaps between their panels of up to 100mm – the requirement to cooperate with safety regulations. This is achieved through spigots that are cemented or grilled into the ground.
If you choose the frameless design, make sure that you purchase high-quality spigots as they provide foundational support to the glass panels. 

Width And Height

It’s imperative that the height of your glass fence meets or exceeds 120mm to comply with safety standards. As for the width of your glass panels, they can be anywhere between 850-8500mm wide.
This means that you can customise the thickness to suit your taste. Usually, a semi-frameless glass pool fence uses panels that are around 1600 to 1800mm wide. However, fully frameless glass styles are more sturdy, ranging from 1800mm to 1900mm in width.

Thickness And Size

The main pool panels of any glass pool fence need to be 6-12mm thick, yet some providers can provide custom panels that are 18mm thick. These usually take longer to manufacture and supply but act as the ultimate barrier against harsh winds.
We recommend choosing panels that are a minimum of 10mm in thickness as this ensures they are sturdy enough to withstand weather impacts.
At MLR Engineering, we provide a wide range of sleek and stylish glass pool fences for residential and commercial clients – all of which are in line with Australian safety standards and regulations. Contact us on 02 4261 9808 or for more information.