Our Full Suite of Fencing Services

Posted on December 18, 2020 at 1:51 pm by Murray


We specialise in providing homes and businesses with fencing in Wollongong that not only offers a secure, safe barrier but also looks fantastic.

Our team understand that attractive fencing adds value to installations such as pools, balconies, balustrades, patios and similar.

When we work on a job, we create a tailored fence that’s specifically designed and sized to meet your requirements.

Using high-grade materials such as glass, aluminium and stainless steel, we construct stunning fencing that’s built to last.

We have a thorough understanding of pool fencing regulations, enabling us to construct fencing that fully complies with all relevant legislation


As one of the first things that visitors see when they visit your property, gates need to be constructed with both functionality and appearance in mind. We deliver gates that are designed to prevent unauthorised entry, at the same time as providing an attractive, exterior accent.

All our gates are fitted with childproof shutting mechanisms, ensuring the safety of your family at all times. Like our fences, when it comes to pool surrounds, our gates comply with all the necessary pool regulations.


The days when stair rails were the only answer to stairwell security are long gone. Contemporary balustrades made from a fusion of glass and metal deliver the stunning aesthetic and excellent performance that are modern necessities.

When you use us for your balustrades, you’ll receive a customised service, as well as impeccable customer care and some amazing results.

Our team are able to install balustrades both indoors and outdoors, creating attractive features that also have the strength and durability to protect stair users.


Although frequently overlooked in the design process, handrails are a crucial safety feature on any staircase. MLR Engineering take handrails seriously, recommending materials and designs that are tailored to the location, length and function of your handrail. Ideal for support around pools and when descending (or ascending) stairs, handrails are also a helpful addition to paths, patios, seated areas and more.

Louvres and privacy screens

Louvres (or shutters) aren’t just a beautiful addition to any property, they also enable occupants to enjoy excellent ventilation and light entry at the same time as preserving privacy. We provide customised louvres that are constructed to the exact dimensions needed for your property.

Made from durable materials and benefiting from a robust build, louvres can absolutely transform your frontage, as well as offering a number of practical benefits. Why not contact us for a free quote today? We can discuss your needs and help you design quality fencing in Wollongong.