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Tailored Gate Designs

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From there, all gates are manufactured in-house to ensure superior quality that can withstand the test of time. No matter what you need, give us a call to schedule a site visit and consultation! Contact us today to speak to a member of our team.
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Servicing Residential & Commercial Properties

Aluminium Gates Wollongong

At MLR Engineering, we specialise in custom fencing, gates, and screens that keep your property secure and private without compromising on aesthetics. Aluminium fencing is a great option for both commercial and domestic customers keen to keep their properties safe from intruders while retaining the ability to customise the style and design of the fence to match their existing outdoor space.
We install aluminium gates for customers in and around Wollongong. With years of experience, we can help you to choose a gating system that is perfect for your property, meeting both your security needs and matching the style and design of your existing outdoor space.

Better security, better design with aluminium gates

Our aluminium fencing is designed to protect your home or business, while clearly laying out the boundaries of your property. Aluminium fencing is perfect for:
At MLR Engineering, we offer a huge range of aluminium fencing options which mean that your chosen fencing can be just as attractive as it is secure. Our aluminium fencing is suitable for a range of budgets; just call us today to discuss pricing.

Why choose aluminium gates in Wollongong

Aluminium gates are strong, durable, and sizable; they can be built to heights that effectively prevent intruders or unwanted visitors from entering your property, while also reducing visibility to offer superior privacy.
Over 1 in 5 homes in Australia have been burgled at some point (, and most burglaries are opportunistic. Doing whatever you can to make your home or business less attractive to thieves and intruders will mean your chances of being targeted are vastly lower. Aluminium gates make your property both less visible and much harder to access.
What's more, our aluminium gates stand the test of time; designed to withstand the extremes of Australian weather, these gates will remain strong and secure for years to come.

Why MLR Engineering

At MLR Engineering, we have years of experience installing aluminium gates and fencing in Wollongong and surrounding areas. Our team of fencing experts work closely with all of our clients to develop and deliver tailored solutions on every project we work on. We can supply and install aluminium gates in a huge range of styles and colours, with each and every installation done properly with no corners cut. Our team are professionals in every way: knowledgeable, reliable, and efficient, we install the highest quality aluminium gates in Wollongong.

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If you're looking for a team of professional fencing experts to help you choose aluminium fencing for your garden or business location, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're always happy to discuss new projects with our clients, as well as providing free, friendly guidance over the phone. Call us today to find out more about how aluminium gates can improve the look and security of your property.