Automatic Gates Wollongong

Compared to their manual counterparts, automatic gates are far more convenient - for example, you won’t need to exit your vehicle to open them and enter your property.
Automatic gates come in many different styles, making them easily adaptable to any type of home; this could also add a lot of value to the property if you ever decide to sell it.
Everything is up to you, and that’s just how we operate; we make every gate to match your specific requirements.

The Very Best In Automatic Gate Technology

We pride ourselves on using the latest innovations to put together our automatic gates all our customers deserve the most up-to-date solutions, and we can only achieve this with the correct components behind every gate.

Automatic Gates Service

We make our gates to match your exact needs, so we always begin each job with an extensive consultation to ensure you get what you’re looking for – this level of dedication is at the heart of MLR Engineering. Automatic gates are a wonderful and convenient investment for your property, giving a level of safety and style that few other fixtures can match. Our dependable team has been installing gates of all kinds across New South Wales for over 25 years, and we have only honed our craft further in this time.
From special design requirements to tough terrain, we always have a solution at the ready that works for you, because our priority with every job is your peace of mind and satisfaction. We can install everything swiftly at a time that works for you – with our automatic gates service, you can be sure you are getting the very best in automatic gates.

Cantilever Carriages

This sliding system is ideal for an automatic solution – the wheels expertly distribute the load as it guides the gate to its destination with every operation. This allows for a fluid and reliable motion that opens and closes your gate with expert precision while aligning well with the limit stops
These new Comunello carriages also boast an extra wheel for more stability; the wheels are even fully replaceable to account for the (unlikely) chance of them wearing down over time.

Bi-Folding Gate Systems

The Albatros system ensures that all of our bi-folding gates open smoothly. This format doesn’t utilise any tracks, providing a more clean entrance without anything in the way this massively saves space.
The Albatros is easy and quick to install, and the smoothness simply speaks for itself. If you want a bi-folding gate to adorn your property, then you’ll soon understand the power and prestige of Albatros and its obstacle-free approach.

Ranger Telescopic Gate Systems

Another Comunello design, the Ranger Telescopic Gate System uses a unique rack-and-pinion drive mechanism which eliminates the need for cabling. This design also gives it even more security, letting the gate withstand forcible entry to a higher degree and protect your property.
This elegance and streamlining means it is easy to install and also requires little maintenance; reliability is at the forefront of the Ranger template, which ensures consistency and precision at every turn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using cantilever carriages, bi-folding gate systems and other premium components, our gates boast advanced motors that respond smoothly to remote control built-in wheels to guarantee fluidity every time you open and close your gate. As with any remote control system, you can signal the gates to move at the press of a button, with the controller transmitting a message to a receiver that attaches to the gate motor. We only ever use the top technology in our gates, because this is not just an aesthetic choice, it’s a security solution – one that you must be confident will never let you down.
The MLR Engineering team is friendly, professional, and dependable at every turn – we will not finish any job until the customer is happy with their automatic gate and its functionality. We make sure all of our staff have the best in-house training to deliver the quality you should expect from us every time; our standards are high, and yours should be too. We are also a family business, meaning we know exactly what every home needs to keep the whole family safe and sound – we don’t install any gate that we wouldn’t have ourselves.
The moving parts of the gates do require maintenance every now and again; the high-quality components help to ensure this does not become a frequent process, however. You should service your gate roughly once a year if it is a residential property, but a gate with heavy traffic or at a residential complex might need two services a year to work at its best. You would also benefit from oiling the hinges regularly to keep them working fluidly.
Usually, automatic gates rely on electricity to open and close, but power failure is always a possibility to watch out for. In the event of electrical issues, automatic gates have a manual override that lets the owner operate them with the help of a special key. This also means you do not have to worry about criminals taking advantage of a gate that cannot close due to a power problem; you can close it yourself to stay secure.

Get In Touch

At MLR Engineering, our automatic gates use the finest innovations to give you the security and prestige you need in Wollongong and beyond. For more on our expertly-crafted gates and a free quote, give us a call 02 4261 9808 Alternatively, you can fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you.