Cantilever Gates - Utility and Elegance Awaits at MLR Engineering

When you find yourself searching for a gate that is not only functionally impeccable but also adds an exquisite touch to the aesthetics of your property, look no further. Our Cantilever Gates offer a remarkable solution, boasting a unique design and a plethora of advantages compared to conventional swinging gates. Cantilever gates essentially embody a sliding gate system operated horizontally, with graceful gliding along a pathway situated on the ground adjacent to the gate opening. While cantilever sliding gates are standard in commercial and industrial environments, their versatility extends to residential applications, especially when top-notch security is paramount.

Cantilever Sliding Gates Tailored to Fulfill Your Needs

At MLR Engineering, we take great pride in the extensive selection of cantilever gates available to cater to your specific preferences. Our selection includes gates crafted from pure Australian steel and aluminium, meticulously designed to elevate your property's security and visual appeal. To further enhance the usability of your gate, various automation options are offered, including remote controls, keypads, and intercom systems. Your convenience and security remain our topmost priorities.


Benefits not to Overlook

  • Capability of these gates to glide open and close without requiring unsightly gate hinges or a track system.
  • Be it securing an industrial complex or enhancing residential security, the occasion is met by cantilever sliding gates.
  • A farewell is a bid to unsightly tracks that detract from the appeal of your property. Cantilever gates offer a clean, elegant appearance.
  • When the terrain is uneven, covered in grass, or even waterlogged, cantilever gates shine as the optimal choice.
  • The enjoyment of peace and tranquillity is made possible by cantilever gates, known for their notably quiet operation compared to track systems.
  • The distinguishing feature between them and traditional sliding gates is an ingenious counterbalance system strategically positioned on the opposite side of the gate opening.
  • The presence of this innovative counterbalance system ensures that the cantilever gate is moved seamlessly and uniformly, all without the necessity of a lower track.

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At MLR Engineering, our automatic gates use the finest innovations to give you the security and prestige you need in Wollongong and beyond. For more on our expertly-crafted gates and a free quote, give us a call 02 4261 9808 Alternatively, you can fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you.