The Safety Benefits of Home Fencing

Posted on November 24, 2020 at 2:40 pm by Murray

Does having a fence around your home make it safer?

Here are just a few ways in which our MLR Engineering team feels that fences in Wollongong make a home safer.

Keep Dogs in (or Out)

A fence can keep all sorts of pets in or out. A high fence will stop a rabbit from escaping, and a strong fence will keep other dogs out.

The same is also true of your kids, and a fence can even keep cats away in some cases.

Makes Stealing from You More Difficult

The higher and stronger the fence is, then the harder it is to steal your stuff. Getting your belongings over a small fence is tricky enough but getting it over a 5-foot fence is even harder. Even a small fence makes stealing something like a motorbike almost impossible. It is more unlikely that somebody is caught on your property after getting over a locked gate and fence. Also, it is harder for people to claim they wandered into your garden by accident.

Obscures People’s View of Your Stuff

How can people steal your stuff if they do not know you have it?

The right type of fence can make it difficult for people to peer in, and a very tall fence can stop people looking into your house. Even a small fence makes it more difficult for people to walk up and look in your windows.

It is Another Obstacle for Thieves

Most thieves are opportunists. Most thieves are alert to opportunities and will take them, be it an easy route to your open kitchen window, or a bike left on an un-fenced lawn.

Peace of Mind

Things like boundaries and fences do change behaviour. When you put up a fence, you make yourself feel safer, and you ward off others who would go on your property.

The next time you are looking for pool fences in Wollongong, consider our fencing services at MLR Engineering for both peace of mind, and for the security benefits that come with a sturdy fence around your home.