What Are The Benefits of Automatic Gates?

Today, more and more Aussie homeowners are investing in automatic gates. Once a pipedream for many, these handy entranceways now make a convenient and affordable addition to any home.

If you’re sizing up whether or not automatic gates are right for your home and family, we’re here to help. This article will sum up five fantastic benefits of automatic gates, so you can make a more informed choice.

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Enjoy Solid Security

Automatic gates are becoming more and more popular in Wollongong and around Australia thanks to their affordability, convenience, and strong security.

But how exactly do automatic gates boost home security? Well, first of all, you can ensure only approved visitors can enter through them! And if your gate has an alarm system installed, burglars are less likely to even consider targeting your home.

Create A Safer Environment For Children And Pets

With an automated gate, you can rest assured your children and pets will remain safe. There are a few reasons why these gates are better for your family.

First of all, many automatic gates have a safety sensor where they will not close on anything that moves through it. This is a huge relief for those parents that have children or pets that might not understand the dangers of closing gates!

There’s also no need for a person to be present to open or close the gate at all times—you can manage it all using a remote or smartphone app, so it’s easy to quickly close or open the gates in case of emergency.

Boost Kerb Appeal And Property Value

Buyers tend to seek out homes offering the best value with the least hassle. Automatic gates provide the perfect balance between security and convenience for property owners, in turn increasing property value.

These gates are also a great way to make your property feel safer and more secure by making it harder for cars to enter, which makes it look more inviting for potential buyers. And they simply look great, too!

Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

Automatic gates can reduce insurance premiums for homes and small businesses. While automated gates are more expensive to install than manual doors, the return on investment is far greater. 

Since insurance companies are well aware of the security benefits of installing automatic gates, they’re likely to lower your insurance premiums!

Live a More Convenient Lifestyle

Automatic gates offer plenty of conveniences for Aussie homeowners. You can:

- Set them to open and close automatically at a set time of day or when the weather is right,

- Program them with a specific date and allow passage only during that time frame

- Control them via remote control or a smartphone app,

- Program them to recognise visitors,

- Open and close your gates each morning and evening without needing to leave your vehicle.

Find out more

To discover more about automatic gates and how installing them could improve your lifestyle, get in touch with the MLR Engineering team today. We specialise in engineered gates designed to suit your unique lifestyle.