Which Material Is Best For Fences in Wollongong?

Posted on September 25, 2020 at 12:53 pm by Murray

So now you have moved into your new home, finished a new build or maybe have just finished a renovation. Everything looks good, but maybe something is letting down the aesthetic style of your home.

Could it be your fencing?

Traditionally, fencing defines the boundaries of your property. It’s a barrier between you and the rest of the world. On the other hand, fencing is also seen as a security measure. All those three are correct, but isn’t it time to think a little further? 

You’ve spent money on building or making over your house in the style which suits you, don’t let it down by surrounding it with unsightly fencing.It’s time to rip down and replace it with something that goes with the style and decoration of your home.

Nowadays there is plenty of choice

MLR Engineering are experts at installing custom aluminium gates and fences in Wollongong. But which is the best fencing material?

  • Which material you choose is up to you, but to have the best effect, whatever style or material you decide on needs to fit the style of the rest of the property.
  • Most modern fencing is made to be tough, long-lasting and combines kerb appeal with security. The best of this combination is either aluminium or stainless steel.
  • Fencing can come in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal slats, completely enclosed or with a more open design.
  • Fences aren’t only useful on the perimeter of your property; they can be used within it too. You can screen areas of your property by using fences as dividers. Glass pooling fencing with an attached gate is attractive and a very good safety measure if you have small children. Also, you can screen your pool area from prying eyes by installing opaque glass screening.
  • For an overall integration of style, you can include in your upgrade balustrades, handrails, and louvres to match. These can be made of steel or glass, even a combination of both, for aesthetic appeal and functionality. All of these accessories can be custom designed, not only to fit their purpose, but to look stylish at the same time.
Think Stylish Fencing

Whatever you need to add the finishing touches to your property and home, we at MLR Engineering are ready to meet your design needs. Custom aluminium gates and fences  in Wollongong are not the only quality products that we have on offer.

You can view our other custom design products online here and contact us or call with your queries and ideas today.